Legionellosis Diagnosis and Control in the Genomic Era (Original PDF from Publisher)

Legionella bacteria are a leading cause of infectious morbidity and mortality worldwide. The study of Legionella is inherently multidisciplinary, the bacteria interact with freshwater and other ecosystems, protozoa, complex secretion systems, man-made water systems and can cause human infection via environmental exposure. These multifaceted interactions suggest Legionella as a potential model for the prevention, assessment and control of other infectious diseases. With chapters written by a diverse array of specialists, this book exemplifies the dynamic nature of Legionella and illustrates many new methods such as genomics that have revolutionised this area of science. Written by internationally-recognised scientists under the expert guidance of the editors this volume covers the epidemiology and ecology of Legionella, diagnosis and treatment of legionellosis and presents reviews of current and emerging concepts and new advances in Legionella research. This detailed and topical book is an important reference volume for anyone involved in the study of legionellosis or other infectious diseases and is a recommended acquisition for all science and medical libraries.

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