Gastroparesis: Pathophysiology, Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment (Original PDF from Publisher)

Gastroparesis: Pathophysiology, Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment is a reference book providing a centralized source of data on gastroparesis collected over the last decade. Contents include the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic recommendations and treatment options for gastroparesis. The reference is split into broad subsections, with the strategy of first focusing on the key features of the disease and then turning to controversies, recent developments, patient support resources, the spectrum of treatment – including medical and surgical – and future directions.

Chapters will include coverage of important topics like autonomic neuropathy, the brain-gut axis, potential pathophysiological advances at the cellular level, diagnostic and therapeutic options specifically targeted at the pylorus, and the evaluation of the female predominance in gastroparesis. This is a must-have resource for scientists looking to find the next step in their research as well as healthcare professionals ranging from Gastroenterologists to Internists, Surgeons, Nutritionists, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists, Residents and Medical Students who struggle with how to optimally take care of their gastroparetic patients.

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  • Publisher:Academic Press; 1st Edition (October 27, 2020)
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