ASE 2019 ACS Registry Review

Designed by accomplished expert sonographers and ACS imaging specialists, this comprehensive review of basic and advanced echocardiography has been created as a review guide and teaching tool for sonographers preparing to sit for the Advanced Cardiac Sonographer Registry Exam.

This video and workbook set includes 20 modules on a variety of topics. These topics include IAC standards and guidelines for adult echocardiography accreditation and quality assurance to an in-depth review of cardiogenic shock and emergency echo, stress echo, congenital disease, chemotherapy echocardiography, left and right heart function, prosthetic valves, research methods and biostatistics, and interventional echocardiography including the latest technological advances. Each lecture has been carefully designed to include a thorough review and clinical application through real video case study presentations.

A workbook correlates with each lecture providing a question and answer section for each module. The final workbook chapters includes two 180-question mock exams designed to test your overall knowledge and skillset in preparing you to take the ACS Registry Exam with success.

Echocardiography fellows, nurses, researchers, and others interested in an in-depth review of echocardiography and echo lab quality assurance best practices would also find this product valuable.



1. IAC Standards and Guidelines for Adult Echocardiography Accreditation and Quality Assurance

2. Chapter 1 Review Question Videos

3. Cardiovascular Hemodynamics

4. Systolic LV Function

5. Contrast

6. Left Ventricular Diastolic Function

7. The Right Ventricle

8. Chapter 6 Review Question Videos

9. Pericardial Disease

10. ECG Review

11.Stress Echocardiography

12. Chemotherapy Echocardiography and Strain Analysis

13. The Left and Right Atria

14. The Mitral Valve, Nomenclature _ Assessment

15. Aortic Valve Assessment _ Reporting

16. Evaluation of Prosthetic Valves

17. Chapter 14 Review Question Videos

18. Cardiomyopathies

19. Cardiac Masses

20. Chapter 16 Review Question Videos

21. Interventional Echocardiography

22. Cardiogenic Shock and Emergency Echo

23. Chapter 18 Review Question Videos

24. Congenital Heart Disease

25. Chapter 19 Review Question Videos

26. Research Methods and Biostatistics

27. Advanced Cardiac Sonographer Mock Exam 1 Videos

28. Advanced Cardiac Sonographer Mock Exam 2 Videos

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