AMBOSS 2019 Qbanks Step 2 CK (PDF)

Study for the USMLE Step 2 CK with AMBOSS

Get the  Resource Missing from Your Step 2 CK Prep

The USMLE Step 2 CK tests your ability to apply medical knowledge during real-life examination scenarios. It is normally taken in the fourth year of medical school after you’ve completed your clerkships and NBME Shelf exams.

With over 2000+ Step 2 CK questions and corresponding Learning Cards that encompass Neurology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, and other high-yield topics, AMBOSS is the final puzzle piece missing from your Step 2 CK study plan.

1. Behavioral Health
2. Biostatistics Epidemiology
3. Blood Lymphatics
4. Cardiovascular System
5. Endocrine
6. Female Reproductive System Breast
7. Gastrointestinal System
8. General Principles of Foundationla Science
9. Immune System
10. Male Reproductive System
11. Multisystem Processes Disorders
12. Musculoskeletal System
13. Nervous System Special Senses
14. Pregnancy, Childbirth the Puerperium
15. Renal Urinary Systems
16. Respiratory System
17. Skin Subcutaneous Tissue
18. Social Sciences


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